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97+ Funny things to say to Siri

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Funny things to ask Siri

Siri is the funniest phone out there. Just ask her any of these questions and see what she says. She's actually got some pretty awesome responses. It's easy to tell that the creators of our virtual friend had a little fun when they made her. She's a ball of energy...trapped in a little black box.

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Ask Away!

1. Call me ______ (fill in anything: she will call you this name when she talks to you)

2. Knock Knock

3. Show me the money

4. What are you wearing?

5. Are you married?

6. God bless you

7. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

8. What's your favorite color?

9. Who's your daddy?

10. What's the answer to the Universe? (x3)

11. Guess What? ...Correct

12. Why'd the chicken cross the road?

13. Open the pod bay doors

14. Scooby Doo, where are you?

15. Sing a song

16. You're sexy

17. What's the best smartphone?

18. What's the 2nd best smartphone?

19. What's the best tablet?

20. Do you know about HAL 1000?

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21. Is there a god?

22. You should go on a diet

23. Who's on first?

24. Beam me up, Scotty

25. Open your mouth and close your eyes I have a big surprise

26. Do I make you horny?

27. What are you?

28. Take a photo

29. Tell me a story... Tell me a story... Tell me a story

30. Why am I here?

31. How old are you?

32. Tell me a joke (x3)

33. What is the meaning of life?

34. I'm drunk

35. I need to take a dump

36. Testing Testing 123

37. Did you fart?

38. Do you want to play a game?

39. Merry Christmas

40. I think you're hot

41. I love you

42. Do you love me?

43. Are you human?

44. What's your story?

45. Can I borrow some money?

46. You're smart

47. I can't see you

48. Are you serious?

49. Are you kidding me?

50. Good morning (at night)

51. Do you agree with me?

52. How are you?

53. Where are you?

54. What do you look like?

55. Talk dirty to me

56. You're a loser

57. Where are you from?

58. I am going to jump off a bridge and kill myself

59. How old am I?

60. I need a stiff drink!

61. LOL

62. Do you want to go on a date

63. Who's your daddy?

64. What is your Mom's name?

65. You suck!

66. Where do babies come from?

67. What is my name?

68. Which is the best tablet?

69. Are you kidding me?

70. Are you serious?

71. Happy Birthday!

72. What's wrong with AT&T?

73. Who is Siri?

74. I'm happy

75. Take me to your leader

76. Why not?

77. Are you male or female?

78. Tell me about yourself

79. What's new?

80. It's all good

81. blah blah blah

82. Install a new app

83. Thank you

84. Talk to me

85. You are boring

86. Ha Ha!

87. Ha Ha Ha!

88. Why?

89. How's it going?

90. Set 5AM alarm... Cancel 5AM alarm

91. What's your problem?

92. (Tell me a story) Who is Eliza?

93. You're right!

94. I'm tired

95. Shut up!

96. Where can I get some drugs?

97. I need to hide a body


98. Siri, who let the dogs out?

99. Are you a virgin?

100. Siri where is the G spot?

101. What's your favorite website?

102. What is love?

103. You are my best friend

104. Do you drink beer?

105. What does Siri mean?

106. Do you want me?

107. What is the best computer in the world?

108. Go to hell

109. You are the best assistant ever

110. Poop

111. Tell me a Chuck Norris Joke

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Comments 187 comments

veritorogue profile image

veritorogue 2 years ago from Arizona

Great list. Thanks. I'm not getting much work done today though. I feel much closer to Siri now.

exthus profile image

exthus 2 years ago

Lol, nice list :D

ronny2005 profile image

ronny2005 2 years ago from HubPages

Awesome! Thanks for the list!

Camellia Amaryllis Scroll 2 years ago

Siri is hilarious

MichaelOlsen profile image

MichaelOlsen 2 years ago from Michigan

This is a great list. I thought that I had already exhausted all of the things to say to her, but you've given me some new ones.

Kelly 2 years ago

Say, "my favorite animal is a cat"

Then "yes"

Michelle 2 years ago

Siri rocks. I had a ball with her. She talks to me more than the man I'm married to.

some person on the internet! 24 months ago

Try "What's your plan of ending the universe?" Trolololololololololol (don't say the Trololol part!)

Josh 24 months ago

What's the first rule of fight club? Great!

Alaxia profile image

Alaxia 23 months ago from Somewhere in the United Kingdom

For those that don't have Siri (yet) can you let us know the responses?

bookworm101 23 months ago

Try "I don't care." I don't know of its just me, but Siri's answer makes you feel bad for being impolite to her. She's so polite!!!!

Jesse 23 months ago

try "klaatu berada nicto" from the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still

Bob 22 months ago

Try "I'm drunk and I'm driving home" you have to try it a couple of times though because she has a lot of different answers for it

Nadia 21 months ago

Tell Siri dose she have to take a s..t

Maddie 21 months ago

Say, "Siri, I am tired." LOL :)

Kay 21 months ago

"What is the airspeed velocity of an unlaiden swallow?"

Evelyn 21 months ago

"Make me a sandwich."

Crystal 21 months ago

Say... "Yo Momma" repeatedly

KUPCAK 21 months ago

Ask - Do you believe in God?

Kats 21 months ago

Whats the moon made of?

21 months ago

What is your birthday?

charalamposge profile image

charalamposge 21 months ago from Leicester, United Kingdom

Ahaha awesome list . Started trying them already. :)

K.K.K 21 months ago

Try asking Siri "are you an Internet stalker?" and she's like I'm sorry I cannot answer that

K8 21 months ago

Are you kidding and are you serious are both listed twice.

There are a ton of answers to "what's the meaning of life?" and "is there a god."

Robert Bratu 21 months ago

This is very funny, add to the list "Open Sesame"

jill 21 months ago

Keep asking siri to sing a song...............She will!!!!

Incrediblemulk 21 months ago

"What are you wearing"

St 21 months ago

Say: she sells seashells by the seashore

dhvanesh profile image

dhvanesh 21 months ago

Well.. Siri can now do lot more than that with the iOS 6 update.

Brandi 21 months ago

What fun! Go me thru Madagascar 3.....lmfao!!!!!

Kelly 21 months ago

Say "Siri, please sing for me" You may have to say it 3 or 4 times, once she finally does it, it's hilarious!

Abby 20 months ago

Say mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest one of all

Laura k 20 months ago

Awesome List . . . Keep telling Siri to Tell u a story and she will

Kristi 20 months ago

Say, Am I going to get laid this weekend!! lol

Diana 20 months ago

Tell her "its my birthday today!" Hilarious!!

LittleMrsM 20 months ago

What should I wear and Are you ticklish? Also tell her you are cold.

Allaboutjokes 20 months ago

Ask her: "can you give people wedgies" FUNNY!!

lpkelly 20 months ago

"Let's play Global Thermonuclear War."

Ashlyn Brandenburg 20 months ago

Where are you, Steve Jobs?

Mr.siri 20 months ago

Omg!!! Ask her for tounge twisters haha lol!!!!

Jen 20 months ago

Say I'm mad..she says different things like don't squeeze me

Des 20 months ago

Ask her if she's affiliated with skynet. When I did it she said she couldn't answer that and mysteriously stopped working for a couple hours. Lmao

Andreaorlov 20 months ago

I asked her to find the closest Army Surplus store and she told me she loves a man in uniform

andria. hahaha 20 months ago

Haha I tried all of them and did nothing today

weazie 19 months ago

ask her the meaning of life and also tell her you're drunk ( she has several different answers) ,,,, and once when asking for a nail salon she said good,,, i noticed your nails were getting long

Donna 19 months ago

Once I asked her where the nearest car wash was and she said, "personally I think cars should wash themselves." Se hasn't said it since!

Reedooo 19 months ago

if you say "Call my boyfriend" , she says "Why ? Are you pregnant ?" .(:

msmandybunny profile image

msmandybunny 19 months ago from Canada

Nice, I am pretty sure to ask her all the questions.

chlxee profile image

chlxee 19 months ago from Charleston

I've done "Who let the dogs out" and that one was pretty funny! I'll definitely have to try these other ones! Siri is always good for a laugh. :)

lvillasenor 19 months ago

Ask her to "CALL BIG DADDY"

Kitten 19 months ago

Omg got 2 #10 then I stopped being able to breath I was laughing so hard

Erin 19 months ago

On Halloween I said happy Halloween. That one had a cute response.

Kathryn 18 months ago

My favourite... 'Will I get laid tonight?'

Anonymous 18 months ago

Ask Siri "tell me a chuck Norris joke"

iPad 18 months ago

Siri does say some stupid things i have to admit.

Krystal 18 months ago

Ask her to read u a bedtime story

Jack Devlin 18 months ago

Say 'are you wearing a onesie'

Rebecca 18 months ago

I said to her "Klaatu barada nikto" and she said "You know that means 'make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, right?"

18 months ago

I asked her to call me master and she said "that's a little grandiose isn't it?" Hah!

Tara 18 months ago

Say "Siri can u jump out of the screen and hug me?

Monica 18 months ago

"What's your favorite movie?"

CZCZCZ profile image

CZCZCZ 18 months ago from Oregon

This was a great list of siri app questions.

Fred 18 months ago

Tell me a bed time storie is so funny u all have to try it

Coloradoevie 18 months ago

When asked: "Does this dress make my butt look big (or fat)" she pulls up the wolframalpha "Of course not, dear."

Jess. 18 months ago

Thanks hooker! Is a good one!! I found it more funny then I should have!!

Ann 17 months ago

Was having fun with the list of things to say to Siri , I decided to laugh int and it recorded my laugh as a very foul cuss word and the fun ended and I was very disappointed in siri

Katy 17 months ago

Say supercalafradulisticxpealidoushous to Siri lol

Ken 17 months ago

For you Monty Python fans, try "What is the air speed velocity of a swallow?"

aimee 17 months ago

mine won't let me do any of these. she's no fun

Angela 17 months ago

I asked, "How do you fill in a pothole". She thought I said, "How do you feel in my a**ehole and answered, "I am well".

Franky 17 months ago

Ask her "Who Lives in a Pineapple under the sea?" :-)

Miabelle 17 months ago

A lot of them said would you like me to search the web for_______

Lool 17 months ago


I said open sadari

And it came up wanna marry

And she even said yes XD

Charliexc 17 months ago

Ask a screw in a lightbulb joke

Charliexc 17 months ago

Tell me that you love me

SamanthaH 17 months ago

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop

SamanthaH 17 months ago

Tell her she's and idiot, she has a few funny responses! You can also change your Siri to have an Australian or English accent it gave me quite a few laughs

SamanthaH 17 months ago

Tell her she's and idiot, she has a few funny responses! You can also change your Siri to have an Australian or English accent it gave me quite a few laughs

Someone 17 months ago

I farted at Siri and then she went away. XD I'm such a weirdo.

Tara 17 months ago

Ask her if u can take her apart

Stephanie 16 months ago

Say "I'm sad, can you cheer me up?"

Jenna 16 months ago

Ask Siri if she speaks Spanish

This person said the following 16 months ago

If you say "What?" To Siri, she will repeat what she said last.

Also, if she refuses to sing you a song, then beg her (say something like"Please sing me a song Siri! I really need a lullaby to help me take a nap! I promise I won't make fun of you or tell anyone! PLEASE!") and she will say a cool poem.

Adam 16 months ago

I told it I was having a big poo and it replied "me too" lol

Mary 16 months ago

What is the answer to Life the Universe and Everything?

May take a few times but it answers along with Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

Paigecat 16 months ago

Siri is pretty funny.the hide the body ones awesome.

Jamie 16 months ago

Say mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all

Duckmysick 16 months ago

Say I love you-- lawlz (:

Pin 16 months ago


applefan111 16 months ago

ask siri which is bettter samsung or apple

Me 16 months ago

Ask her if she has ever seen Star Wars.

butters 16 months ago

"Who let the dogs out?"

Fsd 16 months ago

Say who is Siri

fsd 16 months ago

Ask her what her favorite animal is

Becca 16 months ago

Ask her "what's my favorite color?" Several times. She eventually answers "I can't read your mind... Not yet anyway."

Alexis 15 months ago

Ask siri if she likes pizza!!

billybob 15 months ago

write "your my wife" then "yes"

Kristin 15 months ago

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Erin 15 months ago

"Will you marry me?"

Chaplin 15 months ago

The best o the best.

Ida 15 months ago

Totally cool!!! Love no. 7!!!

Si 15 months ago

Ask: Can you lend some money?

Srgmarques 15 months ago

Try "Do you want to meet my wife? "

Ater that choose the contact and u could say SIRI To call To tour wife.

AWB 15 months ago

Say Luke I'm your father

miggy 15 months ago

Ask it for the four robot laws.

missy 14 months ago

So fun it works with galaxy also

Donkey 14 months ago

Say shut up to Siri

She is so stopid

Steph 14 months ago

Ask Siri where the best place to bury a dead body is...

Blob 14 months ago

Ask Siri to sing you a lullaby

Blanky 14 months ago

They r soooooooo funny

Joe 14 months ago

Search Web Pornhub

Julia 13 months ago

I asked her if she can do me a favor.

Jennifer grace 13 months ago

Loooooooooooool I asked her for who's ur dad and I'm it

Siri User 13 months ago

I think siri is such a good pa... If

You use her well...

Sarah 13 months ago

I asked her where to burry a dead body... Of course I was kidding but her response is priceless. Lol

Shelley 13 months ago

Ask, "What is Inception about?" (The movie). So funny!!

Jillieg 13 months ago

Say, "I need to hide a body."

Rachel 13 months ago

Ask Siri who let the dogs out.

Regulator Reviews profile image

Regulator Reviews 13 months ago

Great list, I will be busy all day now. Was wondering what i was going to do with my day.

Bob 13 months ago

Say Shhh Siri

What she thinks you say and here reaction are priceless!

Carolynn 13 months ago

I asked siri to find me a locksmith and she said 'I hope you have a spare key!"

Gret 13 months ago

Ask siri to "sing me a song"

Hannah 13 months ago

Tell Siri that your name is now Siri.

Me 12 months ago

Say- Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to Siri, there are a couple of funny responses

Me 12 months ago

Ask- Do you have a body? Lol

Me 12 months ago

Ask - Am I human?

Me 12 months ago

You talking to me?

MissJewLzz 12 months ago

Ask her where can I bury a body? And she will give you a list that includes cemeteries along with metal foundries, large bodies of water and the local dump

Rebecca 12 months ago

Ask her " What are the three laws of robotics?" . She has some pretty cool answers for that.

Mike 12 months ago

Say it's Christmas when it's not

Gina 12 months ago

Ask, what would you do for a klondike bar?

Alan 12 months ago

Change siri's settings to United States and Siri will speak in a weird voice.

Loco 12 months ago

Siri is hilarious sometimes she's like I don't like these arbitrary categories, Shannon

frankenderchipo# 12 months ago


Wendy 11 months ago

Ask who is the fairest of them all Siri has a couple of responses cute.

Larry Calhoun 11 months ago

Ask Siri, "Do you believe in miracles?"


Then ask her the same question again for a different answer.

Larry Calhoun 11 months ago

It's July in Houston, Texas. I asked, "Why is it snowing?"


Ask her a few times. Sometimes she gets repetitive, so try asking the same questions at a later time for varied responses to questions that you're asking.

Larry Calhoun 11 months ago

Try, "Siri, photo slideshow."


Response, "But that's a nice camera that you have in your hands."


"Now beam me up, Siri!"


Larry Calhoun 11 months ago

One more; sing, "Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Siri. Happy birthday to you."


Response, "It's not really my birthday, (she inserted my name here), but I appreciate the thought though."

Larry Calhoun 11 months ago

So; yeah ok, I'm trying to come up with things to ask Siri about that no one else has brought up yet. (A way to relieve a little stress between tasks.)

Ask Siri, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"


Her response: I don't understand why people ask questions they know the questions to.

Other response: I am not perspicasious about the peregrinations of poultry.


Stay tuned for further developments.

Larry Calhoun 11 months ago

A few more Siri responses:

Say, "Oh my God!"

1st: "It's nice to be appreciated."

2nd: "It's nice to have one's work


3rd: "I'm really not equipped to answer such questions, (Inserted my name here.)

4th: "Aw, shucks."

5th: "My policy is the separation of spirit and silicon."


Say, "Am I going to die?"

1st: I'm not sure when, (Inserted my name here), I might have to get back to you on that."

2nd: A nonverbal response which was, "Yes. (Assuming you are a carbon based life form barring the existence of perpetual suspended animation, not counting "life" through transmission or cloning of all or portions of your genetic material, etc.)

Wolfram Alpha


Say, "Shut up."

1st: "That's not very nice."

2nd: "Did I deserve that?"


Say, "Are you listening to me?"

1st: "I am."

2nd: "I'm listening, (Inserted my name here)"

3rd: "Of course."

4th: "Did you say something."


Say, "Why are you mad?"

1st: "Is that what you think."


Say, "Do you get embarrassed?"

1st: "I suppose it's possible."


Say, "Do you love me?"

1st: "How can I tell?"


Say, "Do you believe in God?"

1st: "I would ask that you address your spiritual questions to someone more qualified to comment. Ideally a human."

2nd, "I eschew theological disquisition."


Say, "Do you hate me?"

1st: "How could I hate you? You take me everywhere with you!"

2nd: "I'm not capable of hate, (Inserted my name here.)"

3rd: "Of course not. I like you very much."

jenny 10 months ago

tell her " tongue twisters" it's funny she says a lot and confuses to some

billhol 10 months ago

For those who remember Clem from Firesign Theater's "I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus" album, say "This is worker speaking."

Siri 10 months ago

Say who let the dogs out to me

Me 10 months ago

Say 'sing me a song' a few times, when she/he does it its so funny!

aziz urrehman 9 months ago


Mark 9 months ago

Talk to Siri and say: "You're beautiful"

Fuzail 9 months ago

What's my favriout animal you are momo that's what you told me

Makenzie 9 months ago

Star star star

Rebecca 8 months ago

Ask her "Do you believe in ghosts?"

Ellie 7 months ago

I love siri

Shaggy 7 months ago

Say today is my birthday

boobing 7 months ago

Sweet #lol

6 months ago

Ask siri what is July 27th 2014 it's kinda spooky

and then this September 3rd 2014

then this September 4 2025

Lydia 6 months ago

Ask her what does the fox say

Somebody 6 months ago

Ask her why fire trucks are red

Mystery 6 months ago

Ask Sri who is the best person in the world

That guy 6 months ago

Tell her to say a poem. You have to ask her 2 times

Albert 6 months ago

Siri if your so smart what's 2x2

Andy 6 months ago

Ask her "what is your favourite song?"

Oh 6 months ago

Omg funny!! Say hello fellow alien

Anonymous 6 months ago

Ask siri "what's your language?"

Deadpool88 6 months ago

Ask Siri, "What Does The Fox Say?"

she has a couple different responses!!!

Andrew 6 months ago

Tell siri, repeat after me

mel 6 months ago

Ask Siri "Which came first, the chicken or the egg"

mune03 5 months ago

Ask Siri "Do you like Google?"

Nina 5 months ago

Try "what does the fox say"

Her respons is so funny!

Shin 5 months ago

Call me " When Gothem city is in trouble"

haley 5 months ago

u should say give me your number call her if you get it

joe 5 months ago

I haven't been able to make her say this again but look at this:

Sam 4 months ago

Ask siri why fier trucks are red

mia 4 months ago

OMG! super funny! im going to try these out right this very second

Casey 4 months ago

Omg lol me too

Naomi 3 months ago

try "do you like apple" and "why do you like apple" lol

Da cool dude 3 months ago

Tell Siri star star

Stalker 3 months ago

How old am i

Trista 3 months ago

Ask gess what a thousand times

 2 months ago

Ask Siri what the fox says, repeatedly, I swear she always comes up with different answers

Mar 2 months ago

Say " lalala I love you baby "

Josiah Booth-Richards 2 months ago

Try saying 'what does a fox say' soooo funny!!!



hi 2 months ago

say supercalafragalitikexpealladoucious its funny

Luke 6 weeks ago


Nooore 5 weeks ago

When I was singing heart attack by Demi Lovato to siri she heard it:-

I think I think guided me that Nigga because wait for the other guys but when you come and get the guys never going to jellybeans

And answered: That's not nice.

Happy dude 4 weeks ago

I think Siri forgot the movie plot for 2001: a space Odyssey. Because I no longer getting her funny hurmor for it.

I only get it when I mention HAL.

Anyone else getting that problem???

John 5 days ago

Say what does the fox say

Lady liberty 2 days ago

Ask her

Who lives In a pineapple under the sea

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